Author: dragunn

5 Handy Lab Calculators

1. ChemToolBox is packed full of useful reference values and calculators. The calculators include dilution, molarity, mass/molar fractions, temp and pressure plus more. A ton of unit converters and tables of SI units and constants are clearly laid out in tabbed sections. Other resources include tables of solution properties (general chemical properties, miscibility, polarity, NMR and mass. spec. values), solutions properties (acid/base pKa, pH colour indicators, fluorophore excitation/emission maxima, salts solubility), biochemical references (info on amino acids, nitrogen bases, carbohydrates and fatty acids, genetic code converter and a section of practical SDS-PAGE info). A fun interactive periodic table containing...

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quick cliq

Quick Cliq makes several computer activities faster by allowing you to rapidly access folders, programs and websites via hotkeys and mouse gestures. With Quick Cliq you can avoid repetitive searching through sub-directories, keeping your desktop free of cluttered shortcuts and reducing the number of mouse actions you need to perform routine tasks. You can also use Quick Cliq to rapidly sort and arrange open windows, take memos, access 9 additional clipboards for multiplexing your copy/pasting and launch recently opened files – all accessible from within any application or open window. Download Link U Features Launcher The launcher function gives rapid and easy access to...

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