Quick Cliq makes several computer activities faster by allowing you to rapidly access folders, programs and websites via hotkeys and mouse gestures. With Quick Cliq you can avoid repetitive searching through sub-directories, keeping your desktop free of cluttered shortcuts and reducing the number of mouse actions you need to perform routine tasks.

You can also use Quick Cliq to rapidly sort and arrange open windows, take memos, access 9 additional clipboards for multiplexing your copy/pasting and launch recently opened files – all accessible from within any application or open window.




The launcher function gives rapid and easy access to programs, documents and commands. Use the launcher, for example, to open up a commonly accessed file or folder without having to go back to the desktop/start menu shortcuts or searching through directories (handy for people who keep their documents in structured file hierachy e.g. C:\Research\Manuscripts\ Smith et al 2016\current\final\seriously final\seriously final ver2…). The launcher also has special commands for running shortcuts multiple times and applying environmental variables to shortcuts.

Multiple Clipboards

Quick Cliq gives you hotkey access to 9 extra clipboards to use for copying and pasting text. This is super handy for when you need to copy and paste separate sections of raw data to different locations (e.g. between Excel and Graphpad Prism) and stops you having to constantly switch between windows and tabs.

You can also perform quick edits of clipboard content such as data conversion, case changes, retrieve and launch URLs and save the content to a file.


Memos can be used to quickly send text content to the active window. This is similar to clipping but the memos are kept as separate files and can’t be lost unless you delete them. Memo content can also be encrypted, manipulated (e.g. change caps) and accessed anywhere using mouse gestures and hotkeys

Windows Manager

Handy feature for hiding/unhiding windows, cascading and tiling windows, toggling between desktops and many other special features to help organise and switch between multiple open programs and windows.

Recent Items

The Recent menu logs recently closed folders, processes, system recent items, and Quick Cliq shortcuts so that you may reopen them quickly.